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Have you got yourself into a sticky situation? For more information on how boosters and more can help you progress through the game, or for general support, check out our FAQs below:

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  • Supported devices Find out more about device compatibility. Read more...

    Apple devices

    Candy Crush Saga supports iOS 4.3.5 and later on the following models:

    • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
    • iPad 2 and later, and iPad Mini
    • iPod Touch 3rd Generation and later

    Candy Crush Saga does not support jailbroken iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

    Android devices

    Candy Crush Saga runs on Android devices that fulfill the following criteria:

    • Own a processor built on ARMv7 architecture
    • Support OpenGL ES 2.0
    • Support a 320x480 resolution or higher
    • Run on Android OS 2.2 or higher

    Kindle Fire

    Candy Crush Saga runs on the following Kindle Fire devices:

    • Kindle Fire (1st Gen)
    • Kindle Fire (2nd Gen)
    • Kindle Fire HD 7" (2nd Gen)
    • Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (2nd Gen)
    • Kindle Fire HD 7"(3rd Gen)
    • Kindle Fire HDX 7" (3rd Gen)
    • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen)

    Candy Crush Saga is not available for my mobile device. Why?

    We want to ensure you have the best playing experience, so unfortunately this game is not available for all mobile devices. However, you can still get in on the fun by playing the game on Facebook. Click here to play now!

  • Troubleshooting If you are experiencing problems with the game, get help here. Read more...

    "Important update – 8th September 2014: A recent update to Candy Crush Saga has unfortunately caused some players to lose their progress after being prompted to connect to Facebook. We are fully aware of this issue and would like to sincerely apologise for the frustration and disappointment this has caused. We value all of our players and would like to reassure you that the cause of this issue was fixed in version 1.36.2 (now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store), however the fix to restore players’ progress is taking longer than we initially expected. We are working hard to fix this problem as quickly as possible. Please keep an eye on our Forum for further updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

    The game keeps freezing - what should I do?

    For mobile: Memory issues on your device can cause a game freeze/crash. The best way to fix these issues is to restart your device, which clears the memory (this will not cause any loss of data). If this doesn't help, please get in touch with our support team using the 'contact us' link below.

    For Facebook:You may need to check that your Adobe Flash Player is up to date. Please click here to download the latest version to your computer. If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact our support team using the 'contact us' link below.

    The game is not loading in Facebook - what shall I do?

    I purchased an item from the shop using my mobile device, but I haven't received it. Why not?

    I purchased an item in the game on Facebook, but I haven't received it. Why?

    If I try to reinstall the game, will I lose my progress?

    I have connected to Facebook on my mobile, but I'm not getting any Facebook messages or help from friends on my device. Why? ?

    I have connected to Facebook, but my progress from Facebook isn't showing up on my mobile. Why?

    My friends have sent me extra lives, but the game says I only have five lives. Why is this, when I'm sure I should have more?

    How does the game vary on mobile and Facebook?

    Do I need a Facebook account to play Candy Crush Saga?

    If I connect to Facebook, will you post things to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?

    If I log out of my Facebook account and someone else logs in on my computer or device, will I lose all my game history?

    When are you releasing more levels?

    How do I switch off the music and sound effects in the game?

    I've been stuck on the same level for ages. What can I do?

    I'm having issues accessing Dreamworld. Why?

  • Mobile In-App Purchases Concerned about Mobile In-App Purchases? Read more...

    It is essential that you protect your purchase account login information to prevent unauthorised charges on your account. If you are concerned about Mobile In-App Purchases, please note that you can create a password to control access to your device.

    In-App Purchases for iOS and Android

    If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device please click here for instructions on how to secure your device.

    In-App Purchases for Kindle

  • How to play New to the game or do you simply need a recap ? Find out more about how to play Candy Crush Saga. Read more...

    Switch three or more candies of the same color to gain points and other bonuses as they burst. Gain as many points as possible to achieve one, two or three stars.

    How do I gain points?

    When you switch three or more candies of the same color, they burst and you win points.

    What do I have to do to complete a level?

    What are 'Special Candies'?

    What is Sugar Crush?

    What are Sweet, Tasty, Divine and Delicious?

    What is Dreamworld?

  • Lives and levels How many lives do you get? How many levels are there? Get the answers here. Read more...

    How many lives do you get in Candy Crush Saga?

    You begin the game with five lives. If you don't pass a level, you will lose a life, with one life being refilled for free every 30 minutes. If you don't like waiting, you can purchase a full set of lives from the Yeti Shop or ask your friends to send you extra lives.

    My friends have sent me extra lives but the game says I only have five lives. Why is this when I'm sure I should have more?

    What are the different game modes?

    When are you releasing more levels?

    Why does Dreamworld begin at Level One?

  • Boosters Boosters are really useful for passing a tricky level. Find out how they can help you. Read more...

    Boosters can be helpful if you find yourself in a pickle, or if you're stuck on a particularly challenging level. A variety of boosters can be purchased from the Yeti Shop to help you progress through the game. Each booster comes with a number of charges, one of which is consumed every time you use the booster.

    What types of boosters are available?

    You can purchase all sorts of boosters from the Yeti Shop, each allowing you to do something different in the game:

    • Jelly Fish:When Jelly Fish are added to the board and matched with two or more candies of the same color, three extra pieces of jelly of the same color are cleared per fish
    • Coconut Wheel: Rolls either horizontally or vertically over your candies to create three Striped Candies
    • Color Bomb: Switch with a Plain Candy to eliminate all other candies of the same color
    • Striped and Wrapped: Start your game with one Striped and one Wrapped Candy randomly placed on your game board
    • Lucky Candy: Can be matched to fit any combination. For example, if you have two yellow candies and a lucky candy, you can activate the lucky candy and match it with the yellow ones to clear them
    • 5 Extra Moves: Ideal for those tricky levels in which the standard number of moves isn't quite enough
    • Lollipop Hammer: Lets you smash a candy of your choice on the board
    • Free Switch: This allows you to switch two different candies without creating a match of three or more. A very strategic booster
    • Bomb Cooler: Adds 5 to the countdown for all bombs visible on the game board
    • Sweet Teeth: Eat their way through any candy, blockers or bombs that lie in their path
    • Extra Time: Adds 15 seconds to your gameplay for those all-important timed levels

    How do I use boosters?

    Is it possible to complete the game without buying anything?

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