Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply for a job with King?
Our website is updated regularly and lists all current open positions. If you find a position of interest, please apply online.
- Click on the ‘ Open positions’ link to the left and apply for a role that inspires you. Our website is updated in real time so you’ll find everything you need. Once you’ve sent your application someone from our in house recruitment team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

What should I include in my application?
When applying for a position, please include your CV, covering letter and portfolio (if required), plus  links to any personal websites that showcase your work.

Do I need to speak and write English fluently to work at King?
Yes. English is our business language, so it is important that candidates are comfortable and confident with speaking and writing in English.

Are there any opportunities for students?
We regularly engage with students for work experience/internships for varying lengths of time. They are recruited, like King employees, based on capability and potential. Look on our website for open positions.

Application process

Is my information kept confidential?
Absolutely! Information that you submit to our HR team will remain completely confidential.

Do you accept international applications?
We are keen to talk to great people wherever they reside. We operate a global mobility programme and invest in relocating top talent. Early in the recruitment process, a member of our In house Recruitment Team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

How will I be contacted about my application?
You can track the progress of your application online via Jobvite. If you progress to the interview stage, we will contact you to schedule an appropriate time.

About the interview

What should I wear for the interview?
We care about what you say, not what we see. So wear something that makes you feel comfortable. If that’s shorts and sandals wear shorts and sandals.

How do I prepare for my interview?
Our company loves to play games so make sure you know our products well enough to have an informed opinion. You should look at the job description and be ready to provide examples to demonstrate your capabilities against the responsibilities of the role. Also think about challenging situations you have been in for discussion. Maybe a difficult team project or an achievement that you are proud of.

What if I need to change my interview date?
Just get in touch with your contact in Recruitment and they will help you to reschedule

Can I reapply for the same or other roles?
Yes, you are free to re-apply, and we'd advise that you demonstrate how you've closed the gap from the feedback you received from the previous application process.